Here at team West Coast UAV we’ve been hard at work integrating all the different requirements for the 2016 Medical Express Challenge to be held in Queensland, Australia later this year. One of the key requirements is to accurate locate poor old Joe.

We know Joe is within 100m of his reported location, and he will be wearing his trusty blue jeans. Our approach is to take an image of the entire area from an altitude of 250 metres. Once Joe is identified we can then using the aircraft’s known position and attitude we can determine his exact location.

Our imaging system is responsible for finding Joe’s location to within 10 metre accuracy. This must be done quickly and with potentially limited bandwidth (as low as 3Kbit a second) which has led us to refining and developing a number of novel solutions.

Just as important. is a streamlined workflow to minimise the time from initial image capture to landing waypoint upload. For this we have developed an integrated web browser solution that interfaces with the many components involved in imaging and locating Joe.


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