The drones are gaining fields in our world, we can use them in many ways, racing, reporting, delivering, search operations and so on. 
But it would be important to highlight the drone photography and cinematography work. 
In the digital era, we would be tempted to only share our short movie or photographies through the use of internet platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or any other social media and/or blog. 

But what about a more traditional mean of communication? Something more social
It is true social media are giving us the opportunity to expand our audience, bring people to follow us and make our work visible. But it is so ephemeral.  
That is why traditional exposure is still relevant in our “google world”. 

Drone photography contest/exhibition or Drone film festivals are great opportunities for photographers and filmmakers to reach a live audience.

These types of events can give you a large media coverage as you are part of an event that will be promoted. Those event are organised in a way that it is bringing people together, screen/exhibit and reward the work of the competitors.

Therefore there is a lot to gain from participating in those festivals. Beside reach live audience, it is as well a great way to create and expand your network in a good atmosphere. 

Participating to live event allows one last thing, make drones more approachable to the mass population, and erase the stigma which says that drones are dangerous. 

Let’s make drones tools of creativity! And let’s celebrate it!

Check up the up coming drone film festival in the world.




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