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SteadiDrone QU4D Fighting Walrus Modifications

Patrick spoke with with Bryan Galusha at the recent Robotics block party and he had something to share with sUAS News.

We are excited to announce the Fighting Walrus fully-integrated RTF airframe!  This ready-to-fly airframe incorporates the features what our customers wanted most:

1.  Streaming 1080p video

2.Manual control with the iOS device

3.  Low cost Ready-To-Fly kits

The RTF Airframe will integrate with the Fighting Walrus Radio to enable an unparalleled ground station experience.  Video streams from the drone are geo-encoded and embedded into the iOS application, allowing users to monitor drone orientation and position while watching the video stream.

Full story http://www.suasnews.com/2013/04/22339/fighting-walrus-fully-integrated-rtf-airframe

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A New Battery Technology will allow Potentially Higher Endurance For RC Aircraft !!


The future of RC surely looks promising …I cant wait to fly with new packs that allow me to fly longer, weigh lighter and most importantly charge faster …How would a couple of hours of flight time sound like to FPV Fanatics?? Just SUPREME !! …..I was even thinking of air to air battery charging just like air to air refueling..24 hour endurance for MAV’s how awesome would that be? …lets hope these batteries can charge faster than they discharge …by the sound of it they truly are capable of such a feat…before I go bonkers over this.. I will let you check out this link


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